Our Philosophy

Regardless of the product or service you offer, it all starts and ends with the customer. Understanding what motivates your customers or those of your competition is crucial to expanding your business. At X-RAY Market Research, LLC that’s what we do! We utilize market research techniques (qualitative and quantitative) designed to help organizations better understand what “drives” customers to their brands and away from their competitors. Most businesses probably compete in a “zero-sum” environment. In order to grow your business, growth has to come at the expense of your competitor and vice-a-versa. Our goal is to make sure you are better equipped than your competitors to win the battle for customers.

Sometimes, companies will introduce a new product (service), change their existing product (service), or change the advertising messaging without first talking with the customer. If they are lucky, it may turn out okay and profits soar. However, this is extremely rare! At X-RAY Market Research, LLC, we take a different approach. We believe business decisions should be based on solid customer driven insight, not luck. As a business owner or someone charged with managing a business, you don’t waste money or time on luck. Let us help by providing insight based on solid intelligence gathering and interpretation.

We take customer research and insights very seriously, and believe it is an integral part of all marketing decisions. The most successful companies don’t treat customer research as an afterthought but build it into what they do.