Services We Offer

Every project we undertake is designed to help you grow your business by delving deeper to uncover customer insights not visible on the surface. We specialize in finding answers beneath the surface and providing clients with results they can act on.

Quantitative –

We conduct all types of quantitative tests across different venues (CATI, online, etc.). We can help with product optimization, image, pricing, advertising tracking, etc. While cross-tabs are valuable, and sometimes sufficient, our aim is to uncover what is hidden in the data and find solutions you can use. Through the use of advanced statistical modeling (e.g. segmentation, multivariate, cluster, regression, etc.) we uncover truths that are not evident using cross-tabulations exclusively.

First Screen is a statistically reliable quantitative study that estimates the potential sales volume of a product (service) you may be considering. The key benefit is the availability of this information before making a significant financial / time investment. This is one of the services we offer that separates X-RAY MRS, LLC from our competitors.

Qualitative –

As a trained moderator, we conduct traditional focus groups, triads, in-depth interviews, etc. We also conduct

Uncover Groups which are focus groups divided into 2 sessions. The initial session is a traditional focus group however, participants are given a “homework” assignment to complete and discuss at a follow-up session.

The Brand ID is based on the notion that every brand has a unique identity that attracts, repels, or generates indifference on the part of the customer. This identity develops over time and is predicated on the relationship between the brand and the customer. This relationship builds the brand’s image and leads to success or failure in the marketplace. Every time a product or service (whether a pen, an automobile, or an insurance policy, etc.) is sold, the sale occurs on two levels.

  1. Rational level - signifies what the brand stands for, what places it at the top of its category
  2. Emotional level – how the brand looks and feels. What makes it connect with the emotions of today’s customers

The Brand ID helps organizations succeed by revealing what the brand stands for. With a clear understanding of this identity and the primary motivators from the customer standpoint, organizations can strengthen relationships with existing customers and develop relationships with potential customers.