"It was great working with Randy. He’s very passionate and committed to the projects he gets involved in. We initially sat down to discuss our needs, Randy then formed relationships with other departments within City government to ensure he had the support needed to complete the project. He collected the raw data, and applying fairly sophisticated statistical techniques, transformed it into information we were able to use. His work was critical in the development and implementation of programs that ensure City financed construction projects are equitably awarded across all qualified construction firms. His interpretation of the data and analysis successfully challenged our initial assumptions, resulting in a stronger OMBE program . In addition, the manner in which Randy comports himself is quite professional and inspires confidence among the individuals with whom he works."

Stacy Burrs
Former Deputy Director
Office of Minority Business Enterprise
City of Richmond

"Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority was pleased to engage the services of X-Ray Market Research, LLC as part of the agency’s newly developed customer service initiative. We needed to assess satisfaction levels of our customers and our employees, and not having a market research department we relied on Randy’s expertise to get this done. Randy’s enthusiasm, perseverance and professional expertise were able to generate interest and participation at all levels of the RRHA. He became entrenched in the organization and worked closely with us to ensure our needs were being met. The insight he provided in his analysis enabled us to direct our efforts and implement programs that are meaningful to our target audiences – our associates and our customers."

Valena Dixon
Director of Communications
Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority

"We’ve used X-RAY Market Research, LLC for our creative development efforts. Randy’s attention to detail on the front end ensured our needs were met before we arrived at the focus group facility. His training as a client as well as a moderator guaranteed our marketing issues were properly identified and addressed. He is a versatile and talented moderator combining humor, warmth and professionalism. This is a great combination and serves to relax participants, helping them to open up and discuss true reactions. As a moderator, one of Randy’s strongest qualities is his unwillingness to accept surface responses and probe for deeper answers. He is also well skilled at controlling the group and obtaining feedback from all participants. I’ve found his analysis to be timely, concise and extremely useful."

Matthew Greenshields
Director of Marketing Research
ALCOA Consumer Products