Who We Are

After extensive training at some of the world’s premier marketing companies, Randolph (Randy) Brown founded X-RAY Market Research Services, LLC. Randy’s training included progressive levels of market research management at General Mills, Bristol Laboratories, General Foods, and Colgate Palmolive. While at these companies, he served as an internal consultant helping bring new products to the marketplace as well as managing the market research function for well known, established brands.

Two key lessons he has learned during his thirty years experience are:

  1. Everything starts and ends with the customer. The more an organization understands its customer (current and potential), the better positioned the organization becomes to market its product or service.
  2. The importance of probing for answers beneath the surface to gain true customer insight. Oftentimes, the initial answer offered does not reveal the underlying motivational factors that lead to customer behavior.

These lessons have been cornerstones for the business and serve as critical elements from start to finish of every project.